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浴•莲安•五色旗 水晶斋皂(五福临门,功德圆满)

Lotus Vegetarian Soap(Five Blessings, perfect virtue)

Specifications: 5pcsx45g

Lotus Vegetarian Soap(Five Blessings, perfect virtue)

Specification: 5pcsx45g

It carries rich connotation of Buddhism five-color flag, full of auspicious blessings, to share the  blessing and grace of dharma. The Five-color

crystal soap respectively represent one color merit of five-color flag,it merge into a single whole and makes five blessings complete.  

The soap body uses  imported plant amino acid as raw material, with the fusion of lotus flower essential oil fragrance and wooden components, 

it is mild, full of silky foam, makes the skin feel more relaxed and moist and tender. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used for washing

 hands, cleaning face and bathing. Let a person be in clean body and mind at the same time, hold the endless blessings of dhamma, enjoy the 

noble experience of roya families’ vegetarian bath in Nepal.

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