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Lotus Vegetarian Moisturizing Cream

Specifications: 45g

Lotus Vegetarian Moisturizing Cream
【Lotus Vegetarian Moisturizing Cream】This product inherits the whole-vegetarian ancient prescription used by royals in Nepal,and is made of beautiful white lotus flower essence at the bottom of the Himalayas,free of refined animal oil and chemical mineral oil, and the oil we get is not by any killing! natural and fragrant, elegant and pleasant, moisturizing, with refreshing texture,it can quickly make the skin with enough moisture to keep skin moist and smooth. Lotus Vegetarian Moisturizing Cream is the best of the best which is  compassionate, natural, whitening, and healthy. Use this Moisturizing Cream consecrated by senior monk every day,  you can enjoy pleasure and health. NAMA is a royal dedicated brand at Nepal,and welcome by royal families and senior monks.


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