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Lotus Vegetarian Shower Gel

Specifications: 300ml

Lotus Vegetarian Shower Gel
Specification: 300ml

【Lotus Vegetarian Shower Gel】
Prayer for baptism   for ablution  Clean Buddha  Clean Buddha beads    clean in seconds  economically and environmentally   Support Sangha   Travel Essentials

【Lotus Vegetarian Shower Gel】This product inherits the whole-vegetarian ancient prescription used by royals in Nepal, and is made of beautiful yellow lotus essence at the bottom of the Himalayas and the international top-level amino acid cleaning factor, free of refined animal oil and chemical mineral oil, and the oil we get is not by any killing. the whole-vegetarian Shower Gel of pure natural plant is glittering and translucent, with exquisite foam, it can clean the skin in seconds and make every inch of the skin feel smooth and enjoy the fascinating and extraordinary journey of shower with the lotus fragrance. Use this Vegetarian Shower Gel consecrated by senior monk every day,  you can enjoy pleasure and health. NAMA is a royal dedicated brand at Nepal,and welcome by royal families and senior monks.


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