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Lotus Vegetarian Shower Gel Gift Box

Specifications: 300ml

Lotus Vegetarian Shower Gel Gift Box
Specification: 300ml
【Lotus Vegetarian Shower Gel  Gift Box】Lotus Vegetarian Shower Gel   The magic ring silver plate of king

【Lotus Vegetarian Shower Gel】 This product inherits the whole-vegetarian ancient prescription used by royals in Nepal, and is made of beautiful yellow lotus essence at the bottom of the Himalayas and the international top-level amino acid cleaning factor, free of refined animal oil and chemical mineral oil, and the oil we get is not by any killing. The whole vegetarian Shower Gel of pure natural plant is glittering and translucent, with exquisite foam, it can clean the skin in seconds and make every inch of the skin feel smooth and enjoy the fascinating and extraordinary journey of shower with the lotus fragrance. This product contains the Buddha's good wishes, blossoms the spirit of nature with body of the pure natural plant, and creates a taste of life for noble people with the wisdom of Buddhism.

【The magic ring silver plate of king】The shape of silver plate is derived from the magic ring of the king of Ancient India ( Today in Nepal), from generation to generation, it is with infinite positive energy and a high degree of authority, but also a symbol of compassion.
Tradition has it that more than 100 years ago, when gyanendra king’s grandfather was hunting at the foot of the Himalayas, he found an old hungry man. The king gave the old man some food, and then went up the hill hunting. When the earth was shrouded by the sunset, the king met the old man in the corner again on the way down the mountain. The old man came forward to salute, put his hands together: "NAMASTE! The king, the benevolent, the compassionate beings." The old man said, while drew a circle before the king with his hand, only saw that those animals who had been injured, killed ware raised up, and fell down from the horse, walking hurriedly around. Suddenly, the old man was gone, leaving the ring that he just put on his finger on the grass. The king accepted the old man's "gift", and ordered no aristocracy hunting since then. Later, people also called this magic ring as "magic ring with compassion ".

The magic ring silver plate, is made by enlarging according to "The magic ring of the king" of equilateral proportion, and is intended to bring the energy of "compassion" to all beings, and may all beings with joy and peace, and good luck.


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