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Lotus Vegetarian Candy Soap(Sandalwood)

Specifications: 7g*15pcs

Lotus Vegetarian Candy Soap(Sandalwood)
NAMA   Lotus Vegetarian   Sandalwood Candy Soap   beauty Oil Soap  
Vegetarian Soap    Nature Vegetarian Bath    amino acid skin-care

【Lotus Vegetarian】 is on the basis of the ancient recipes of Nepal royals, it is made from the fusion of the natural amino acid, lotus flower essential oils and other natural plant.  It is suitable for any age from zero-year old baby to old man, each vegetarian soap is refined from amino acid of 50 lotus, nutrition-rich, healthy, safe and mild, can be used for shampoo, cleansing and bath. Specific functions as follows: 1, eliminate acne, whitening, clear up whiteheads/ blackheads, tighten pores, remove all makeup, Improve Sleep, dandruff, convenient for travel, etc.
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