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浴•莲安•五色旗 水晶斋皂(智慧皂)

Lotus Vegetarian Soap(Wisdom)

Specifications: 45g

Lotus Vegetarian Soap(Wisdom)
Specification: 45g
It carries rich connotation of Buddhism five-color flag, full of auspicious blessings, to share the  blessing and grace of dharma. The Five-color crystal soap respectively represent one color merit of five-color flag,it merge into a single whole and makes five blessings complete. 
No chemical mineral oil is contained, chemical mineral oil is not only difficult to be absorbed by the skin, there also may be irritative or allergenic ingredients, it would be very inadvisable for health. "Lotus Vegetarian ” care for human health and dedicate to bath product of zero mineral chemical component. 

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