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Lotus Vegetarian Soap(Sandalwood)

Specifications: 60g

Lotus Vegetarian Soap(Sandalwood)
2500 years ago, NAMA vegetarian soap was a dedicated product which used for ablution bathe before prayer. The vegetarian soap is made of beautiful white lotus flower at the bottom of the Himalayas with cold process, the each soap contains plant essence from fifty pieces of lotus elements and sandalwood, natural fresh scent, elegant and pleasant, it will make skin tender and smooth, refreshing and comfortable after shower. The vegetarian soap dose not contain animal fats and the fats we got is not by any killing. It is not only a compassionate natural soap, but also the best of the best which is whitening and healthy! NAMA is a royal dedicated brand at Nepal and is welcome by royal families and senior monks!
Sandalwood has a role in promoting growth of skin cells, a wound or scar can quickly recover, and have flexible, tightening effects, it can balance and soften the skin, improve dry and texture, especially suitable for aging, dry skin, and the maintenance of the neck.
It can be used for dry skin, harden skin cutin, xerotic eczema, trauma, etc .It can make the skin soft, and can be used as a wonderful neck cream;
Has antibacterial effect, can improve skin itching, inflammation, improve face blister, furuncle and wound infection.
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