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Sandalwood Vegetarian Shower Gel Royal Gift Box

Specifications: Sandalwood Vegetarian Shower Gel Royal Gift Box Sp

Sandalwood Vegetarian Shower Gel:

It is made from 99.99% pure gold foil, sandalwood oil and the essence of all sorts of fresh flowers and famous wood through the technology of 

ingenuity, and is like nature itself- the highest quality. The Buddha Compassion integrates the exotic royal aroma into every drop of “Sandalwood 

Vegetarian Shower Gel”. It can wash away the former karma in every use, purify the soul pilgrimage, and also play a role of cleaning mind and 

calming spirit, and conditioning sleep. Making the passage of time has nothing to do with the skin is the proper significance of “Sandalwood 

Vegetarian Shower Gel.

Sandalwood Vegetarian Soap:

Sandalwood Vegetarian Soap is a dedicated bath product of  royal families in Nepal, glittering and translucent, pure, sandalwood and aloes with

 flowers essence as raw materials,  fusion of pure gold foil, make the  skin become elastic and glossy, coruscate glorious.Gold foil with a variety

 of natural plant essence penetrate deep into the dermis, quickly replenish skin moisture and nutrient, repair aging skin all day, relieve dry and

 tight caused by  nutrient loss of skin.

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