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Special Report: National salute came to the summit forum, Buddhist leaders called for mercy bathing


It’s April in Yunna, the air in the valley is pure and fresh. There are flowers and streams everywhere. On the morning of the 8th, “Common wish with peace and compassion” - The second Southern Buddhism summit and the convening of the Hu Pak rise ceremony officially kicked off.

At 8 o ' clock, the crowds from all over the Southeast Asia, more than 400 dignitaries gathered in the lobby of the Mansfield Huafeng Peacock Lake Resort Hotel. Golden Jasmine in full bloom symbolizes auspicious.

Monks sign

Buddhist "national salute" appeared in the Puja

In the Puja there appeared the familiar Buddhist national salute - more than 300 pieces NAMAproducts, which supported by Sarasvati Jing Shanyuan. This is also the first time that the products have become the only designated Buddhist presents.

Over the years, from the Buddhist Conferences in China, to the China & Japan& Korea Buddhist Friendship Exchange Conference, as the National Saluteof Chinese Buddhist World,NAMAproducts are popular among customers. They are praised as "the gift of compassion".

The scene of the Puja

“Ablution protects monks, Merits and virtues are boundless”. Speaking of the reason why all the great monks in the South preach praise NAMA toiletries, Gong Lin, who is the head of Sacred Garden and also the inheritor of NAMAproducts, said that NAMAproducts bears a unique mission from the day when this brand came to China – it is the bond of dignitaries, the talisman for spiritual practices and the witness of happiness.

From the baptism of the Buddha to the dignitary which we supported, its own connotation is immerse together under the Buddha’s glory and inherit the mind of Buddha. It is the companion of the Wise and the good. And it is this common compassion and great love from the Buddha that made it through history, across the country, and made every guest of the Conference a family.

The executive director of the Buddhist Association of China, the representative of the Tikadassi elders andNAMABuddhist  ablution met once again.


Meng Huan Pagoda

The forum will last for 4 days and will be officially closed on the evening of the 11th. Celebrations will be held throughout the day on 12th, Monks from Dehong and Burmese will chant prayers for the splashing festival.


Warmly congratulate the Second South Buddhism Summit forum for its complete success

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