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The Light of Buddha is enlightening the entire Western Hemisphere,【NAMA】toiletries became the holy "National salute" for 2017 China & Canadian & America Buddhist Forum Conference.


From June 16, 2017 to 22nd, China & Canadian & America Buddhist Forum Conference was held in Toronto, Canada.

On the morning of 16th, after a shower of morning rain, Canada's sunshine was exceptionally bright. Buddhist Assoc. of Canada Cham Shan Temple held the first event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the three elders, and the Puja of praying for world peace was held here.

Group photo with Sanghas and honored guests

Canadian Royal Mounted Police, and the Canadian Royal Military Orchestra performed for the opening, and "2017 China & Canadian & America Buddhist Forum Conference" officially kicked off. The conference invited Xuecheng Elder (president of the Chinese Buddhist Association), Yida Elder (president of the Canadian Buddhist Association), Pindao Elder (president of the American Buddhist Association) and the elders of the mountains to pray for world peace.

Grand Event Scene

Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister), He Wei (Chinese consul general in Toronto), representatives of the Ontario Prov. Government of Canada, Professor Bill Gough (President of the University of Toronto), Liu Changle (chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV), and Gao Peixuan (president of the Hong Kong Yide group) attended the forum and opened a speech.

Monks gathered in Canada to pray for world peace

At the Puja,NAMAproducts of Shenzhen Sacred Garden international became the only designated Buddhist  presents, which provided to the guests as the Buddha "National salute". Sarasvati Jing Shanyuan and Sacred Garden international chairman Gong Lin were also invited to participate in this conference.

The Support Ambassador of NAMA – Sarasvati Jing Shanyuan

Since the “China, Korea and Japan Buddhist Friendship Conference” held at the International Conference Center in Hiroshima, Japan, in 2015, NAMA once again known as "the Messenger of Friendship" appeared at the Grand International Conference. The Canadian Church accepted this sacred national salute – NAMA Buddhist products as a "friendship messenger".

From the baptism of the Buddha to the dignitary which we supported, its own connotation is immerse together under the Buddha’s glory and inherit the mind of Buddha. It is the companion of the Wise and the good. And it is this common compassion and great love from the Buddha that made it through history, across the country, and made every guest of the Conference a family.

The Buddhist “national salute”- NAMABuddhist  ablution

The conference ended on the 18th. In addition to the "2017 China & Canadian & America Buddhist Forum", it also includes "Declaration of Peace", "The opening ceremony and the creature protecting meeting of the Maitreya Buddha in Wutai Mountain, Canada", "The opening ceremony of the Canadian Buddhist Museum and the exhibition of Buddhist art", “the 50th anniversary and welcome Dinner for the establishment of Canada Cham Shan Temple”, "Along the way of the opening ceremony of Buddhist photography exhibition" and so on.

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