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What is the specialized “Buddhist ablution”?


Buddhist ablution   

Buddhist ablution refers to the toiletries of Buddhists do not contain any ingredient that violates the Buddhist requirements. This requirement looks simple and is not actually easy to meet. Ordinary toiletries are hard to meet the requirement of zero animal fat. In this case, it is difficult for Buddhists to follow the Buddhist requirements when cleaning the body.

The Buddhist ablution, like Buddhist vegetarianism, is a way of practice, and also an important method of self-cultivation and mind training. Buddhist toiletries not only helps the practitioners to keep commandments, but also bring joy and peace to all the people who become attached to the Buddha. Because of its pure natural plant efficacy, it also makes people healthy and happy.


Master Yin Guang once said: our serious illness are mostly caused by our killing. A bowl of meat contains the animal's ghosts, once you killed, you’ll never escape from evil. For the people all around the world, Buddhist ablution is not just a compassionate bath, but also a beneficence of environmental protection and earth protection…

Ablution is the first lesson of every life, and the moment when the Buddha was born was also the start of his goodness. As recorded in “Avatamsaka Sutra · Purify the moralities”: When going into the water, you will hope that all beings can get wisdom, and you should know that the past, the present and the future are equal. When taking a bath, you will hope that all beings are clean in the body, but also clean in their soul.”

The etiquette “fragrant bath to clean the body and soul” of Buddhists probably started from the bathing habits of the Prince. This was later dubbed by the Buddhists as an "Buddhist ablution". According to the Buddhist scriptures in the relevant records, the pious Nepalese collects the essence of natural flowers to provide the bath supplies for the Nepalese royal family for generations

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