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Society and Public Welfare The 54th period: Exclusive interview of Shengyuan International Culture co., LTD CEO Miss Gong Lin--NAMA: Innate Good Deeds


NAMA: Innate Good Deeds

Take Buddhist brand to China, and spread the seed of good deeds. Gong Lin said:”Good Deeds is what we suppose do.”

Text/The reporter of this period: Li Xiaowei       Photographer: Luo Junpei


Human nature is kind at the beginning of human being's lives. Is the nature of one company also kind at the beginning of its establishing? There is no doubt in NAMA. This brand ,which comes from Buddhist Nepal, is brown because of worshiping Buddhas . NAMA is known in china just a short time, but it has got recognition from more than one thousand temples and more than ten thousand monks.


Besides, its good concept has got celebrity recognition of the many business celebrity,  such as the director of BYD Xia Zuoquan, the CEO of Zheng Wei In

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